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Dr Mary Stevenson - Our latest Trustee and the story of her driving assessment success.

Dr Mary Stevenson from Anglesey has become a Trustee of the Wales Mobility and Driving Assessment Service after it's team ensured her driving freedom following a stroke.

During her rehabilitation, Mary employed the services of the North Wales Mobility centre so that she could learn to drive again and crucially, regain confidence on the road. Without the help and support of the mobility centre Mary's driving freedom would have been lost forever.

Mary, who originates from Glasgow was 37 and working as a hospital consultant in Birmingham when she was diagnosed with a giant brain aneurysm. As the anuerysm was acting like a tumour, there were recognised symptons which allowed an operatrion to be scheduled. However, Mary was informed the surgery would be extremely difficult and inherent risks meant a low survival prognosis. Mary defied the odds to survive the operation but experienced a Stroke in the process. She spent the next few weeks on ventilation before being moved to Hillcrest Hospital in Birmingham for three months rehabilitation.

During this time Mary notified the DVLA of her change in circumstances and her driving license had to be returned. Four years ago Mary and heer husband moved to Anglesey and she made a New Years Resolution to learn to drive again. An online search highlighted Driving Mobility and Mary contacted her nearest centre - The Wales Mobility and Driving Assessment Service.

Mary explains" I had no idea what to expect but from the moment I arrived, the staff were very friendly and made everything so straightforward for me. They really hels my hand throughout the whole process - from start to finish. I was assessed by an Occupational Therapist to ascertain my my abilities and driving requirements and then Gary Jones, the Centre Manager, accompanied me for a drive in an automatic car. As I can only use one h and, the car had a steering ball fittede with secondary controls for lights, indicators so I couls use all controls safely and independently. After a few hours, I left with a full plan of action advised by the centre"

Mary comments" An external driving instructor was recommended who a specialist in teaching people with disabilities. Chris Jones from the mobility centre became my new driving instructor , driving to my home to collect me for lessons. Around this time my husband had a cardiac pacemaker fitted and couldn't drive for a few moths. I thought - what if neither of us were able to drive permanently and yet lived in a rural area? This really spurred me on and with Chris' encouragement and support, I completed my final driving assessment in June 2017, allowing me to begin driving independently again."

Mary now drives a Seat Ibiza with a steering ball and Lodgesons secondary controls. She is delighted to be behind the wheel again and is continuing to gain confidence with ongoing support from Chris. She is also thrilled to have been recently invited to join the centre's Board of Trustees and hopes her driving and medical experience can be helpful to other people in similar situations.

Mary concludes: "It can be very difficult to hear the news that you shouldn'y be driving. Knowing that facilities such as the Driving Mobility Centres are available to assess people and to advise on matters such as driving adaptations and specialist tuition can be extremely helpful- to both doctors and members of the public. I am extremely thankful for the experience I have had with Driving Mobility. They have been absolutely brilliant. I hope through being on the Board of Trustees of the Wales Mobility & Driving Assessment Service that I can support other peole, in the way that the mobility centre has supported me.



For further details please contact the Cardiff Centre.



Following the AGM at the Masons in December 2018 the following Trustees were elected:

Mr Gordon Starkey - Chairman

Mr John Carter - Treasurer

Dr Pat McKenna - Secretary

Mrs Jenny McKinlay

Mr Paul Brewer

Dr Mary Stevenson

Mrs Linda Harrington

Cari Sowden-Taylor Solicitor with Hugh James


A big welcome to our two co-opted members.


Around 400 different adaptations are available through the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme when you order your next car.

The programme includes many adaptations at no extra cost. Motability adaption installers will be happy to help you choose the right adaptation for your needs. There are more than 100 adaptation installers across the U.K. Contact details and information on the adaptations they provide can be found by using the ‘Find adaptation installers’ tool at For more information download the brochure ‘Your guide to adaptations’.

A typical assessment will help you understand what types of adaptations could help your driving or travelling experience.

To find your nearest centre call: 0800 559 3636 There may be a charge for assessments, speak to your local centre to find out more or call us on 0800 093 10000





Rookwood Hospital in which the south Wales centre is located is earmarked for closure. The staff in the south Wales centre although uncertain of their future location have been assured that the service will continue to be funded by the Welsh Government and it appears that at present plans are for the service to be re located to the physiotherapy gym that is located on the present Rookwood site.